Monday, August 3, 2009

Can a imac be wireless?

and if it can how do i connect it thank you
Can a imac be wireless?
I personnaly own a Mac Pro and can make it 100% wireless (aside from power of course) by going into the system preferences and changing the ethernet settings to open this lets me tap into neighbors connections. If you have a modem and want to connect your imac to it you may want to consult apple and your internet service provider to see if the two will work together.(the imac and router that is)
Can a imac be wireless?
All macs have had wifi built in for a while now. Configure it in the Network Preference pane.

Perhaps obvious, but you need to be within range of an open wireless network. It's not just "everywhere".

Name this wlan wireless card?

i need to find drivers for this card does anyone have any idea what the model name or anything about this card?
Name this wlan wireless card?
the MAC address of the network card will tell you the vendor:

each network card out there has a few letters in it that identify the manufacturer. as an IT guy, i can at least tell what kind of build a machine is when its connected to my network by looking up the vendor of its network interface.

Cable modem?

Im looking to increase the speed of my dowloads but i heard that it that you can only download according to what you modem can handle . IS this true??I have a SB5120 motorolla and i am looking for a better and faster modem ,any suggestions?? And i dont have wireless

Thank You
Cable modem?
If there's something wrong with your modem, maybe. But the only real way to increase the speed of your downloads is to pay more $ to your cable co.
Cable modem?
Depends on your cable company. Some are implementing newer signaling technology that requires a new cable modem to get the performance increase. Call them.
Reply:You need to use a donwload manager. Try Free Download Manager, it increases your donwload speed and also resume broken downloads., get it at

Help finding wireless internet?

i need help finding some sort of program that i can walk around my laptop with and it will show me how much strength the wireless internet has throughout my house. i want to find were to set up my pc, thx
Help finding wireless internet?
Help finding wireless internet?
you need to try verizon broadband internet, its wireless, my sister and brother use, its $69 A MONTH.
Reply:Use the free software WiFi SiStr, you could donwload it at

When i lock my vista pc and log back in my wireless connection has to restart before i can use the internet?

how can adjust this so i don't have to wait every time i lock (windows button + L) my pc...i have another laptop on the same network and when i lock it and log back in i can use the internet instantly...thanks
When i lock my vista pc and log back in my wireless connection has to restart before i can use the internet?
u cant cuz its a power save option so ur gonna have to live with it sorry
When i lock my vista pc and log back in my wireless connection has to restart before i can use the internet?
try checking out the wireless properties. from there you can configure your wireless connectivity. there is a way to solve your problem.

click on start - select control panel - click on "switch to classic view" - then click on 'network and sharing center' - on the left hand side you'll see 'tasks" and under it youll see "manage wireless networks" and 'manage network connection' there is something like "connect to this network everytime i turn on my pc" please try to look it up there.

also you can try this. click on start - select "connect to" then the connect to a network window will open - look for your network on the network list - then right click on it - select properties - then from there you will have some option.

also, you can try calling up your computer manufacturer's help desk for assistance.

i do not have my work manuals here that is why im kind a lacking in my instructions, however i have dealt with this issue many times when i worked for hp/compaq as a help desk support.

also try checking out this website:, its a vista simulator, you can try stuff here before trying it on your computer.
Reply:Go to COntrol Panel, Power Options (You may need to choose the classic view first.)

In the advanced section on power options you will find some settings regarding power to your wireless adapter.

Also make sre you are not letting your pc sleep after a certain idle period. If so adjust the power settings in control panel
Reply:another good reason to upgrade to msoft vista

Vista the Windows ME of our day
Reply:The power options in control panel might have a setting to disbale the wireless adapter from shutting down when the PC goest to standby.

You should also be able to check the settings on the device it self from the the device manager

Goto device manager (right click my computer/manage/device manager)

Find your wireless adapter and right click/properties

From here check the tabs and look for a setting similar to what I described above

How to connect a psp to the internet?

i have a netgear wireless router wgr614 v6 and i dont know how to connect it to my psp some one help please
How to connect a psp to the internet?
PSPs have a wifi capability on the web drop down menu, you will have to enter the wep address and password for your router and you should be able to connect to the internet.

Internet Explorer 6 Speed Up Tips ??

is there any way to speed up the internet explorer loading time like when i load a page it loads slow i wanna be able to just click on go and for it to load everything at once fast i got cable internet from time warner but yea any tips
Internet Explorer 6 Speed Up Tips ??
go to tools and then click internet options.

then go to browsing history and deltete the cookies and files.

the more you browse thru the internet, the more files it saves-files that you dont need.

so just delete them.

i have time warner cable internet too and called them and they told me to do this.
Internet Explorer 6 Speed Up Tips ??
Internet Explorer sucks!!! and if you are using IE 6, you are living in the 80's....The latest IE version is 7. Switch to a better browser like Mozilla Firefox and feel the difference :-)
Reply:run tweak xp pro

you can get it at

run the automatic tuner first - tuning strong , services weak

then do manually

if you are using wireless you may have to go

run%26gt; services.msc. %26gt; and turn on the wireless utility

make sure all the drivers on your computer are up do date - go to the maker of your computer , motherboard or video card


or a service drivershq

To speed up your cable connection do a couple of things

1) lock in your proxy to the cable isps

2) Use open dns rather than the slow ones the isps only give you. Lazy characters.

lastly run regular spyware scans - its spyware now now viruses that are the problem

spybot and adaware are fine - with updates
Reply:get firefox

more customizable

and safer

azalea tree